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About His Elevation

Barrister A.F.M Abdur Rahman of Lincolns Inn,London,UK,an Advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court , a renowned civil lawyer of the country, having 25 years standing in the practice, was elevated and appointed as Additional Judge of  the High court Division of the Bangladesh supreme Court for two years on and from taking Oath on 27 April 2003, by his excellency the President of Bangladesh Prof. Iazuddin Ahmed upon exercising his power under article 98 of the Constitution of Bangladesh. The then honorable Chief Justice of Bangladesh Mr.Justice Mainur Reza Chowdhury conducted the oath taking ceremony held at the Judges Lounge of the Bangladesh Supreme 

Along with him other 7 learned  practicing Advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court and 2 of the Honorable Judicial officers  were also  elevated to the bench of the  High Court Division on the same batch.They are namely Mr.Afzal Hossain Ahmed, Mr A.F.M Ali Asgar, Mr Farid Ahmed, Mr.Shamim Hasnain, Mr.Abu Tariq , Mrs.Zinat Ara, Mr. M.A Hafiz , Dr.Syed Refat Ahmed and Mr.Syed Shahidur Rahman. Earlier a gazette notification, being memo no. Bichar-4/1H-2/2003 dated 11 Baishakh,1410 BS corrosponding to 24th April 2003 was issued by the Ministry of Law,Justice & Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Bangladesh in this respect. Court building on the same day at 10.30 AM.

After successful completion of the tenure of Additional Judge,Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman was confirmed and appointed as permanent Judge of the Supreme court,High Court Division on 27 April 2005 along with his other batch mates, excepting Mr.Syed Shahidur Rahman, by his excellency the President of Bangladesh Prof. Iazuddin Ahmed,under article 95 (1) of the Constitution, upon which Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman took further Oath at the Judges Lounge of the Supreme Court Building, conducted by the then Chief Justice of Bangladesh Mr. Justice K.M Hassan.

 A gazette notification was issued, being memo no. Bichar-4/1H-2/2003-987 dated 13 Baishakh,1412 BS corresponding to 26th April 2005 by the Ministry of Law,Justice & Parliamentary Affairs, Government of Bangladesh in this respect. 

 April 27,2003 was a Sunday corresponding to 13 Baishakh 1410 BS Corresponding to 24 Safar 1424 Hizri.  April 27, 2005 was  Wednesday corresponding to14 Baishakh 1412 BS and corresponding to   28 Rabi-ul-Awal 1426 Hizri.

                             Dates to Remember

Date of Birth : 5th July 1951

Date of appointment as Additional Judge by the President of Bangladesh : 24th April 2003                               

Date of taking Oath as Additional Judge : 27 April 2003

Date of Confirmation as Permanent Judge : 27 April 2005

The prospective last working day : 4th July 2018

Date of normal retirement : 5th  July 2018

With Indian Prime Minister Mr.Norendra Modi

At the side line of the 'International conference on Environmental Justice' held at Delhi on 6-7 March 2016, Justice AFM Abdur Rahman was called on by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Norendra Modi to have a cup of tea with him.

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