Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman

A sitting Judge of the Bangladesh Supreme Court

Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman taking Oath  in the hands of the Chief Justice of Banglades Mr.Justice Mainur Reza Chowdhury


The Bangladesh  Supreme Court Bar Association, being on protest against Judges appointment by the sitting BNP Government,  officially abstained from rendering felicitation to all the newly appointed judges and as such the traditional facilitation ceremony was not held, instead a group of Senior Advocates headed by the vice president of the Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association Mr.A.K.Mujibur Rahman  along With Senior Advocates namely Mr.T.H.Khan, Mr.Khondoker Mahbubuddin Ahmad, Mr Mahbubur Rahman, Mr. Zainul  Abedin and a host of learned advocates of the Bangladesh Supreme Court, apart from the learned Attorney General of Bangladesh Mr.A.F.Hassan Arif , made felicitation to his Lordship Mr.Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman in court room no 6 of the main building. On that day Justice Rahman sat  as a puisne judge  in  a Division Bench presided over by his lordship Mr.Justice Md.Taffazzul Islam in the said court room no 6.

In reply to his felicitation Mr.Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman delivered the following speech;

                  Nahmuduhu Nusalli ala Rasulihil Karim.

                        Bismillah hir rahmanir Rahim

Honorable My Lord Justice Mr.Mohammad Tafazzul Islam

Learned Attorney General Mr.A.F.Hassan Arif , Honorable Vice President of the Bangladesh Supreme court Bar association Mr.A.K Mujibur Rahman ,Learned members of the Bar ,Ladies and gentleman

                    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah

        As an additional judge of this supreme judiciary only hours back I have taken one of the noblest oath on earth assuring my nation "that I will do right in all manner of people according to law , without fear or favor,affection or ill-will ".The burden of this oath ,i believe can only be discharged by the grace of almighty Allah,the beneficent and most merciful. So I bow my head to His kindness for allowing me to take such greatest oath in my life. I pray to Him to impart' toufiq' upon me and make me capable to discharge my duty to the best benefit of the litigant public and my beloved nation. My eyes fill with tears for the sake of 'sukria' to Allah,Jalla shanuhu for His kind rahmat bestowed upon me through my elevation to the bench of this highest judiciary.

          At this moment ,I remember my beloved father Morhum Dr.Abdul Gaffar Khan M.B (cal) and my mother Morhuma Mosammat Mohsena Begum both of whom were the greatest inspiration of me and my five other brothers and four sisters to establish ourselves in the society with an aim to serve the distressed and unprivileged part of the society with utmost sincerity and for achieving no goal of the mortal earth but the satisfaction of Allah ,Jallah Shanuhu and for leaving behind some good 'Amal' and work of 'Sadkaya Zaria ',so that we can have najat while we will be on eternal rest. Though both of them have left this eternal  world , but I am sure they in the Zannatul Ferdous are watchful on my every attempt to reach such destination, which I believe, can be achieved by the truest performance of my duties as a judge of this court.

I also remember my maternal Grandfather late Mvi. Aftabuddin Khan B.L of Munshigonj District who was the G.P of Mushigonj Judiciary from the year 1930 up to 1940 through whom, out of hundreds of his grand sons, I solely inherited the profession of law.
Learned Attorney General and the Honorable vice President of the Supreme Court Bar Association.
The road upon which I stepped today is not a path of roses. Our ex-chief justice his lordship Mr. Justice Mostafa Kamal in reply to his felicitation on his elevation to the office of chief Justice of Bangladesh said "the judges can not get away from public criticism, if their conduct fails to reach the standard expected from the judges of the highest court of the country. The people of this country are alert and watchful of every movement of the judges, whether their disposal of cases is satisfactory or not, whether they administer the law and interpret it in accordance with long established norms, or whether they play to the gallery and try to be popular or are seeking publicity, are all noticed and noted by the vigilant people of this country. A judge’s hope and prayer should only be that he fulfills the people’s expectation." 
These great words, I assure would be my guiding principles in my way of life as a judge of this highest judiciary. 

Importantly, I feet that the courts are welfare organization with the backbone of law and equity. To continue this image courts should not enforce law mechanically since such enforcement may defeat the sanction of equity. A proper assimilation of law & equity is the demand of the day by which Bar and Bench in shoulder to shoulder could dispense justice to the oppressed people of our nation.
It will not be out of place to mention the utmost requirement of meritorious lawyers in assisting the judiciary in achieving this assimilation of law and equity and the peoples expectation of the legal arena. No one will deny that good lawyers are undoubtedly  assets to the nation. In this opportunity I want to express my experience as a practicing Advocate of this Bar and the Dhaka District Bar by mentioning for our junior friends that only continuing study, study and study could turn a lawyer into a meritorious professional and with the addition of quality of honesty, sincerity and devotion a meritorious professional could successfully establish himself as an asset to the nation. We require such professionals to further our cause of Independence, service to the nation and above all fulfilling the commitment as an Advocate.

At the conclusion I like to mention my gratitude and thanks to my senior friend late Mr. Ahsanullah Khan, Advocate and Mr. Dewan Liakatuddin, Advocate with whom long before 24 years I started child steping in the filed of law. I also recall the inspiring memory of my teachers Barrister Motiur Rahman, Mr. Habibul Islam Bhuiyan, Barrister Mozzamel Haque Bhuiyan of Bhuiyan Academy and his lordship Mr. Justice J. R. M. Muddassir Hossain, Mr. Justice Syed Amirul Islam, Mr. Justice Md. Mozammel Hossain and Mr. Justice Anwarul Hoque Chowdhury who taught me the ABC of law and always inspired me in my profession to step forward.
 I also remember the sweet association and co-operation of Rt. Hon. Sir Martin Nourse, the then treasurer of the Honorable society of Lincoln’s Inn, London and Dr. Abdur Rashid P.hd residing in U.K. who helped me to become a Barrister.
I am simply over-whelmed by the generous expression of appreciation and praise from the learned Attorney General and the vice President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, both of whom I believe, out of love and affection towards me stated much than what I am not. But I wish I fulfill their cherish desire  in the interest of our nation. I thank you all for being so kind and generous in attending this ceremony.Thanks Ladies and Gentleman.
Allah Hafez