Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman

A sitting Judge of the Bangladesh Supreme Court

                 Family Identity

Village Home : well-reputed family of gazaria upazila,District Munshiganj known as Munshi Bari of Village Baluakandi.

Father: Al-Haj Dr.Abdul Gaffar Khan . M.B (Cal) who was the 5th Muslim Medical Graduate of Calcutta Medical College obtained   Bachelor of Medicine (M.B) degree in the year 1931with distinction and later developed his roaring practice  within Garden Reach Municipality of 24 Pargana,Calcutta,India and became the only eminent and popular medical practitioner and soon became a rich man. He returned back to East Pakistan in the year 1960 and  served his  own nation as reputed Physician and social worker.Earlier he along with Mr S D Khan,Mr Rajab Ali and others sons of Gazariz founded ' Gazaria Thana Janakallyan Samity ' at Calcutta in the year 1948 to serve the distressed peoples of Gazaria.He also purchased a vast Zamidary within  gazaria thana  and  established School ,Hat ,Masjid and Madrasha. He also served as Medical officer of BUET,Dacca for the yesr 1964-66 . He was laid to eternal rest on 6th July 1989 and buried in family graveyard at his village home .

Mother: Late Mosammat Mohsena Begum who was the daughter of eminent Government Pleader of Munshiganj Moulvi Aftabuddin Khan.She was very pious lady and nurtured her sons and daughter in perfect islamic way.She left the eternal world on 4th January 1997.

Brothers : 1.Colonel (Retd. ) A.F.M Abdur Rab   2.Dr.A.H.M Saidul Islam, MBBS, DRM   3.Colonel (Retd. ) Dr.A.H.M Shafiul Islam MBBS,CSA   4.(Late) Colonel A.M.M Sadequl Islam ,D G. Admn. & Finance ,Directorate of Social Welfare.    5 . Engr.A.S.M Hafizur Rahman , Ex.Eng., DPDC,Dhaka.

Sisters : 1 . Kurshid Jahan Chowdhury W/O Dr.S.A Chowdhury. MBBS,PGT 2. Akther Jahan Hoque W/O A.K.M Fazlul Hoque  3. Mahtab Jahan Khan W/O A.H.M Wali Khan,Ex.Sr.Vice President , Basic Bank Ltd.  4. Dr.Sahanaj Jahan  MBBS (Gynocologist).W/O Dr. Salahuddin Murad MBBS.

Grand Father :Late Munshi Yakub Ali Khan ,A British Government Servant : 1912 -1934.

Grand Mother : Most.SadurunNessa

Maternal Grand Father :Late Aftab Uddin Khan ,BA.BL ,Government Pleader,Munshiganj Sub divisional Judiciary : 1930 - 40.

Maternal Grand Mother : Mosammat Ambia  Khatun.

Paternal Uncles:1.Late Dr.Abdus Sattar Khan.LMP. 2.Late Abul Kashem Khan ,District Physical Instructor (Retd.),Edu.Deptt.,Govt of East Pakistan.    3. Late Abul Hashem Khan,Circle Officer (Retd.) Govt. of East Pakistan.

Maternal Uncles: 1.Late A Y M Sirajul Islam , District Registrar (Retd.) Dhaka, Govt of Bangladesh. 2. Brigadier (Retd. ) A.K.M Shamsul Islam,Ex.Director General,Primary Education,Govt.of Bangladesh.

Father-in-law :Late A.Y.M Sirajul Islam.District Registrar (Retd.)Dhaka.

Mother-in-law :Ummel Muminina Mosammat Tahera Khatun.

Brothers-in-law : 1.Anwaruddin  chowdhury, FCA   2.  Dr.Hamid Asgor MBBS, Vice-Principle,Khulna Medical Collage  3.Aminul Karim ,Commissioner,Board of Revenue,Govt.of Bangladesh. 4. Major General Shamim Chowdhury , GOC, Chittagong garrison.

Wife : Mrs.Noor Afsar Noor Mohol (Rimi )

Sons : 1.Aiyan Gaffar Khan :Date of birth : 18 December1983    2. Aiman Rahman Khan : Date of birth : 4 June1991 

Daughter : Ariza Mehli Khan. Date of birth : 16 December 1992.          

Personal Antecedent

Hight :5 feet 10 inches.

Weight : 178 Kg.

Blood group :B positive

Hair: Black


  Apparent Identification mark :None

Spectacle : Reading

Religious Affiliation

1. Hajj : Performed with wife in the year 2006 ( 9 th January 2006)

2.Chairman :Baluakandi Rabeya Khatoon Memorial Madrasha

3. Mutuawlli : Baluakandi Central Mosque Waqf property.

4.Chairman :Baluakandi Graveyard & Eidgah Committee.

5. Member : Supreme Court Mazar Mosjid

6.Founder : Masjid Ath-Tariq -E- Baitullah, Baluakandi

7. Author : Religious Books