Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman

A sitting Judge of the Bangladesh Supreme Court

                                   Things of Interest

                                                         Lovely 5

His Birthday is on 5                                                 (5th July 1951)

He is no. 5                                                     (Out  of Six brothers )

He has family of 5                                  ( Wife,2 sons 1 Daughter )

In his batch , he is 5                            ( Four Judges are above him)

               Reputed Persons Of the Same Name

 Barrister A.F.M Abdur Rahman of Lincolns Inn --- Father of Justice Abdul Latif of Calcutta High Court (1932)

Justice A.F.M Abdur Rahman Chowdhury.....Justice of the High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court..1989

A.F.M Abdur Rahman .......Renouned Mathmetician of the present time.

                            His  Subject of Interest

 Tourism and development of tourism sector in Bangladesh is his prime interest.

He being the pioneer in concept of Holiday Resort , established

'Meghna village - Holiday resort ' in the year1996 in the rural areas of Munshiganj

district ,while at the same time he became the founder secretary general of TDAB

(Tourism Developers Associatio of Bangladesh.).To have a  fast hand knowledge

how the countries have developed the sector of tourism , he extensively visited

 England, Malaysia , Singapore , India , Nepal  till his elevation.

He is the first legal writer on the Laws of Tourism and helped to publish such legal

treatise.Meghna Village - Holiday Resort has  now become one of the

prime destination of the leisure travelers which is now under long term

lease with "Associated Tourism Properties Management "


 He is Author of  

Visit: http://jrp123.webs.com         

1.Bangladesh Laws on Muslim Marriage & Divorce...1983

2. Mouni (A Bengali novel on Muktijuddho )....1985

3.Challish Diney Lekhapara Sikkha (Elementary book on mass literacy )..1987

4.Rimi Tomar Jonno (A collection of Poem )....1988

5.Chalak Howar Paila Ketab (A book on etiqutte for youngstars )..1990

6.Namaje Ekagrata Laver Parikhita Paddhaati -O - Allahr Priopatra Howar

Sahaj Kowshal ( A book On Religion ).....September 2008

7.Bismoykor Unish abong Koraner Oloukikata.  ...2009

8.The Judge    ......June 2010

9.Supreme Courter Kathokata. 
(A book on Bangladesh Supreme Court )
(Coming Out)